Prior to and following the workshop this page will be used for posting comments on the broadband research agenda.

Questions for discussion have been emailed to participants and are posted below. We invite you to post your comments on these




impact and

integration pages.



  • What are technical, theoretical and methodological challenges faced by researchers in the area of broadband research?
  • What are some of the best mixed-methods approaches to study broadband use and non-use?  What other disciplines should enter into the discussion and the research?
  • Identify a promising new or under-explored approach that has great potential to improve the availability, cost, utilization or impact of broadband systems, and is worthy of research.
  • What is the most important thing that we do not understand about the impact of broadband? What are potentially unexpected effects that a forward-looking agenda should seek to address?
  • What data set(s) would facilitate ground-breaking research related to broadband, if that data set were to become available? How may we modify existing datasets in order to make them more useful for research in this area?
  • What are critical issues related to technology, usage, and impact that a future broadband policy should address?
  • Are there types of broadband-related research that have been difficult to fund through existing programs at NSF and elsewhere?
  • Are there resources other than funding and data that are needed to advance broadband research?
  • What are the optimal ways to communicate with policy makers about the dynamics of digital inclusion efforts and problems?
  • How could we design a research network and process to achieve these goals?